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About Us

CMYK Marketing thrives on bringing process harmony to retail teams. We do this by providing technical services and products to our partners through our “Customer First” design principle.

Retail teams are often let down by manual tools that don’t integrate well with business systems. We exist to break down the silo barriers by supporting retail teams with bespoke technology solutions.

How we can help you


Shopfront™ is our flagship product! It is the user-friendly ally to creative marketing teams. We provide a platform for creative teams to manage their OWN marketing allocations easily without the burden of analytical process integration.


Prepare your Stores for Intelligent Products that Know their Buyers and Price Themselves Accordingly! ShopperLogiQ™ uses customer purchasing behaviour combined with dynamic product economics, to design individualized offers and rewards for shoppers.


Whether you’re a brand owner or retailer, we offer a service to help you understand how to position and promote your products in order to win at the shelf. Is your store layout letting your sales down? Are you struggling to beat competing brands for attention? We’ve got what you need!

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